Man with foam on scalp

Many individuals use Nioxin scalp treatment when they are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Men and women use this product to aid in regrowing hair. Although there are many treatments for this issue, Nioxin is popular because it doesn't contain harsh chemicals.

Pump the foam directly on your scalp area. Make sure to cover the entire area to provide maximum results.

Distribute the foam. Take your fingers and spread the foam evenly on your scalp. Flip your head over to get the underside of your hair evenly.

Use a comb to spread product. Take a comb and run it through your hair evenly. Make sure to take plenty of time combing your entire hair area.

Don't rinse your hair after application. After applying the substance, don't rinse. Nioxin is a leave in substance so there is no need to rinse after application.

Watch for irritation. Although this substance doesn't typically cause irritation, it's important to monitor your scalp closely for issues. If you experience redness or itchiness discontinue use of this product.


  • Look for a treatment with SPF 15. Many Nioxin scalp treatments come with SPF 15. This can provide sun protection to your sensitive scalp area.