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Magnetic hair rollers aren't actually magnetic---these plastic curlers are called magnetic because hair "sticks" to them. Magnetic hair rollers are great for creating smooth, defined curls, although you will have to take the time to dry your hair to create these curls. You may also have to attach the hair rollers using a clip, unlike Velcro or foam hair rollers, but the effect is worth it.

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How To Use Magnetic Hair Rollers


Wash or rinse your hair so it is completely wet.

Apply curling lotion or gel.

Comb out your hair and partition it into sections using clips or barrettes.

Take one section of hair and lay the ends on a magnetic curler.

Roll the magnetic curler along the section of hair towards your head until it sits on top of your scalp.

Take a double-pronged clip and clip the magnetic curler to the hair closest to your scalp (so the clip sits at the bottom of the curler). If you have snap-on magnetic hair rollers, snap the clips onto the curlers.

If you'd like extra security, put on a tight hairnet to keep the magnetic curlers in place.

Air-dry or blow-dry your hair.

Remove clips and curlers.