Keune hair products are some of the best on the market, and when used properly, they can make a significant improvement to the health and style of your hair. There are a variety of products available for many different uses, including coloring, styling and caring for your hair, but learning how to use Keune products can help you get the best results possible.

Keune hair color and chemical perming solution are some of the best in the business. Use hair color or perming solution only with a professional background; see your hair-care professional to have Keune dye applied or your hair permed. If you are a hair professional, use instructions on the back of the packaging to select color or perming solution and identify the proper mixing measurements.

Use Keune shampoo and conditioner regularly when showering, or at the interval specified by the packing or your hair stylist. Color depositing shampoos and conditioners should be used once a week unless otherwise directed, but your regular shampoo and conditioner can be used as needed.

Use styling products to protect your hair from damage before using a hot iron, curler or other damaging tools. Apply evenly to hair before making contact with the heated device. After using your heated tools, use finishing product to style or hold your hair. Follow the instructions on the packaging to find the correct amount and application of the product.

Use the Keune care line to restore hair health in three easy steps. Select the treatment line appropriate to your hair condition or remedy desired, such as dandruff relief. Begin by cleansing, using the product labeled as cleanser to prepare the hair for a conditioning treatment. Follow with conditioning treatment, and finish with recommended styling products.