How to Use Hair Products After Using Nix

By Tia Shamoon

Common myths relating to the causes of lice infestation include poor hygiene. Lice are parasites and look for blood in order to survive, not dirty hair. Learning the signs of infestation and seeking treatment from products such as Nix can help kill lice and egg nits. Nix has a more specific set of instructions for after use. If you do not know how to use hair products after using Nix, you could hinder the treatment process and remain infested.

Regular checks for nits should be conducted on young children.
Spray bottles help dampen hair without making a mess.

Rinse Nix treatment from hair with warm water. Use a water spray-bottle instead of detangle lotions and sprays to keep hair damp while combing out nits. Blow dry hair without using hair styling products.

Using hair products after Nix can deminish the effect of treatment.

Do not shampoo hair for 24 hours. Use a water-based clarifying shampoo for 10 days after treatment. Avoid use of all other types of hair products during that time to maximize effectiveness of the treatment.

A prescription may be needed if treatments do not control infestation.

Avoid contact with chlorinated water, such as in swimming pools, for two weeks after treatment. Repeat Nix treatment after 10 days if needed. Consult a physician for a prescription strength application if treatment fails a second time.