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Store shelves offer a plethora of beauty products. As you walk down the isles, you may feel overwhelmed as you gaze upon the never-ending facings of facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, wrinkle reducers and anti-aging formulas. Garnier, a leading manufacturer of facial and beauty products, offers Oil Clear, a daily cleanser that helps fight acne and pimples, as well as prevent future breakouts. Following the proper facial cleansing routine is vital if you want optimal results.

Fill your hands with warm water and gently splash it on your face until your entire face is moist.

Squeeze a small amount of Oil Clear into your palm. The amount you should use will be roughly the size of a dime or a nickel.

Rub your palms together to lather the product slightly and massage the cleanser into your face in a circular motion. Massage for a minute or so, making sure to cover the entire face and neck.

Fill your palms with warm water again. Splash the water on your face gently to remove all traces of the cleanser.

Change the water temperature to cold water. Fill your palms again, but with cold water and splash on your face. This will tighten the pores.

Follow with a favorite facial toner and moisturizer.

Repeat the facial cleansing routine every morning and evening.