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If you have dry skin but are looking for a product that can effectively remove dirt and oil from your pores, try deep pore-cleansing milk. Those with sensitive skin can also benefit from deep pore-cleansing milk as it won't strip the skin further of essential moisture; read the label to make sure yours doesn't contain soap, which doesn't just dry the skin, but may irritate it as well.

Remove all traces of makeup from your face with your usual makeup remover. The deep pore-cleansing milk will do a better job of lifting impurities from your pores if it does not have to work through a layer of makeup first. On the other hand, if you just woke up and have no makeup on, splash warm water on your face to get your skin ready for cleansing.

Squirt a pinch of the deep pore-cleansing milk onto your palm and work from this amount when massaging the product onto your face; begin at the center of your face, moving outward. Make sure you rub the deep pore-cleansing milk on areas that need it most, such as the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, all or some of which may have the biggest pores that could benefit from deep cleansing.

Massage your skin for two to three minutes before rinsing the deep pore-cleansing milk thoroughly off of your face with room temperature water. Once you have washed the milk off, you may splash your face with cool water if you want to get that tingly fresh feeling that signifies that the cool water has constricted your pores.

Pat your face dry with a clean towel. Rub a cotton pad soaked with toner all over your face to tighten up your pores, as well as remove remaining traces of deep pore-cleansing milk. Finish by applying your regular moisturizer.

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