Man shaving his face

Both men and women complain of their pores appearing to be more prominent after shaving. For women this is typically a problem after shaving the legs and armpits, and for men this is an issue after shaving the face. Pore minimizing products can be a great help in tightening the pores and making them less noticeable. When used on a regular basis, will greatly diminish in size.

Use a new or sharp razor to get a close shave. Sometimes when the razor has been dulled from continuous use, it will not offer a close shave and the end of the hair sticking out will make pores look larger.

Exfoliate skin after shaving using a scrub that contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acids). These acids slough off dead skin cells and promote the growth of new ones. Pores can look larger when skin cells gather around the perimeter, and exfoliation helps remedy this problem.

Rub on a pore minimizing lotion that contains vitamin A, AHA acids or azelaic acid onto shaved skin. These ingredients tighten pores temporarily, making them appear much smaller. Skin will feel smoother and silkier as well.

Apply a layer of self-tanner to camouflage the large pores from shaving. The darker color will hide pores and other imperfections, giving skin a more refined appearance.


  • Wait a few minutes before applying the lotion containing vitamin A or AHA acids onto shaved skin. Applying this lotion right away can cause stinging and redness.