How to Use Conair Magnetic Rollers

By Resonna Shaw

Since 1959, Conair has become one of the leading manufacturers of health and beauty products. Conair magnetic rollers are hardly magnetic in the traditional sense; but are magnetic because the hair sticks to the roller. The rollers are made with plastic smooth rollers with small holes in them to allow dry air to pass through and dry wet hair. You have to attach hair clips to the rollers to keep them in place. Magnetic hair rollers are used to define and create beautiful curls.

Magnetic hair rollers are used to define and create beautiful curls.

Step 1

Buy a pack of magnetic hair rollers and metal hair clips. Usually these clips come with the magnetic rollers. Magnetic rollers are plastic and will not stay in place without the hair clips.

Step 2

Wash or rinse your hair. Determine the direction you would like for your curls to fall (in front of your face or on the side). Part your hair into sections; separate each part with a clip to keep it out of the way. The magnetic rollers work better with wet hair. Preparting your hair can make it easy to roll each section faster.

Step 3

Take one section of your hair and wrap the tip of your hair around the roller. Continue to roll the hair toward your head until the roller reaches your scalp.

Step 4

Secure the roller with the metal clips. Clip a double-pronged clip to the magnetic roller to the hair closest to your scalp on the side of the roller. Repeat the same process on the other side of the roller. You will need two metal clips, one on each side of the roller, and be sure the clip is sitting at the bottom of the curler.

If you have snap-on magnetic rollers, snap the clips on the roller. You may also put a hair net on for extra security.

Step 5

Dry your hair. You can air dry or blow dry your hair. When the hair is dry, remove the magnetic rollers and clips. Style as usual.