How to Use Conair Jelly Rollers

By Jennifer Habersham

Conair jelly rollers are similar to traditional hot rollers except they are more pliable and can be twisted and contorted in a way that regular hot rollers cannot. Conair jelly rollers heat up quickly, and snap close with a color indicator to let the user know when the rollers are ready for use. The Conair jelly roller package consists of 16 jelly rollers and a base that heats up. The Conair unit can be purchased at many stores for under $40.

Step 1

Plug the Conair Jelly Roller holder into the electrical outlet and allow to heat for a few minutes. They should be hot and ready to use in less than five minutes. There is an indicator light that will light up when your rollers are ready to be used.

Step 2

Brush through your hair while you are waiting for your jelly rollers to heat up. Get out any knots or tangles to ensure the best look possible.

Step 3

Take a section of hair and place it on the center of the jelly roll. Wrap the hair around the roller once to make sure that it is secure.

Step 4

Roll the jelly roller up until it has reached your scalp.

Step 5

Place one end of the roller into the other end and lock. Allow to sit for a few minutes and then remove.