Many women who have straight hair invest much time and funds into creating that perfect curly or wavy hairstyle. However, finding the right tools to achieve these styles can be tricky. Setting your hair with a curling iron is a time consuming process, while Velcro rollers often produce annoying static and tangle the hair. If you have experienced this, then consider trying a set of Conair hot rollers, which can provide mess-free and time efficient results.

Wash and condition your hair. Comb the wet hair to remove any tangles.

Plug in the Conair hot roller set. While the rollers heat up, finger-comb styling product such as a mouse or curl-enhancing cream through your hair. After the product is evenly distributed, blow dry your hair, which needs to be fully dry--not damp.

Comb or brush the dry hair to undo any knots resulting from blow drying.

Divide your hair into sections, each measuring approximately one inch, with the use of sectioning clips.

Begin by setting the top sections of hair. Hold the end of the section in one hand and the Conair roller in the other. Wind the hair around the roller so that it presses against your scalp once the entire section is rolled. Secure the hot roller in place with a clip in order to prevent the hair from unraveling.

Repeat Step 5 on the remaining sections, working your way down to the bottom sections.

Put on your makeup or get dressed while the Conair hot rollers set. On average, leaving the roller in for 10 minutes is sufficient. However, if you have heavy, long hair, then you may need to leave the rollers for an additional five minutes.

Remove the rollers by unfastening the roller clips and winding hair in the opposite direction that you initially rolled it.

Use a hair spray to set your style in place. For more body and volume, flip your hair upside down before spraying it.


  • If the Conair hot rollers produce a style that you find to be too curly, gently run a brush through the curls to loosen them and create waves.