With prices increasing everywhere, getting a decent haircut can be a burden on your pocketbook. If all you want is a trim and you are not very picky, you can do it yourself with a set of Conair hair clippers. Not only is it fast and easy to do, but you also can cut your hair whenever and wherever you please--no more waiting in line at the barbershop for you.

Check that the set you have has all the working parts. You should have the clippers itself, the spacers and some clipper oil. The spacers are helpful in letting you choose how short you want to cut your hair. These simply clip onto the clippers and provide spaces of various sizes. Each spacer has a measurement in inches.

Plug in your clipper and switch on the device. You will hear a slight buzzing sound. If you hear a clacking sound, you will need to calibrate the clippers. Failing to do so could result in injuring yourself. If the clipper is not calibrated, it could grab instead of cut your hair, which is extremely painful.

Calibrate the clippers with either a flat-head screwdriver or a coin. Insert the coin or screwdriver into the calibration socket. It should be on the side of the clippers; you'll see a slot where you can insert your screwdriver or your coin. With the clippers on, turn the coin or screwdriver until they make a slight buzzing sound. If you find that the clippers still pull and don't cut, you will need to calibrate again.

Locate the adjusting switch directly next to the cutting blade itself. The switch allows you to fine-tune the closeness of the cut. You can move it forward to leave some room or backward to have it cut as close as possible to the skin. This is usually the setting used when you want a close shave.

Select which spacer you want to use, or if you choose not to use a spacer, adjust the switch on the side of the cutting blade. Use the clippers to take off the majority of the hair and use scissors to clean up the rest. You can do it yourself, but most time it is easier if you have someone else cut it for you. One of the easiest cuts to do is to cut all of your hair the same length. All you need to do is choose what length you want with the spacer and the adjusting switch and run the clipper over your entire head of hair.


  • Clean your clippers after every use to ensure long-lasting quality.