The Coleman Company specializes in making portable cooking appliances, mostly used for camping. Since barbecuing and smoking is already an outdoor activity, the Coleman Smokers are a perfect fit for camp-side meals. With a handful of supplies, you can impress your tent-mates with BBQ the next time you decide to cook under the stars.

How to Use Coleman Smokers

Soak the wood chips. The first thing that must be done before you start cooking with smoke at all is the soaking of the wood chips. If you are camping, the best idea is to soak your wood chips before you leave, then pack them in plastic food containers with a small amount of water to keep them moist. Before you pack them, let them soak overnight in a bucket of water.

Insert the wood chips. Take off the top part of your Coleman smoker. Underneath you will find the area where the propane flame will be. On top of that, there should be a small metal container that either resembles a grill top, or a metal basket with holes (depending on which model you have). Place your wood chips inside this metal holder.

Ignite the propane fire. After safely connecting the portable propane tank to the Coleman smoker, turn the propane valve on to release the gas. Ignite the propane in your smoker with a match, being sure to extinguish the match in water when you have finished lighting it. Replace the top of the smoker and secure in place before continuing.

Cook the meat. On top of the smoker, there will be a grill top. Place the meat onto the grill top, making sure there is room for the smoke to get to all the pieces. Put the lid on top of the smoker and let the meat cook for five or six hours. Afterward, be sure to fully extinguish the propane fire, making sure that the gas valve has been shut off completely. Always have a bucket of water handy for emergencies when cooking with gas and an open flame.