Root touch up hair coloring

When you color your hair regularly, it is generally best not to use hair color on your entire head more often than every three months. Unfortunately, hair grows more quickly than this and it often happens to have obvious roots with your natural hair color appearing much sooner. When you have unsightly roots to cover before you can recolor all of your hair, use Clairol Root Touch-up to cover your roots.

Choose a Clairol Root Touch-Up color that will match your hair color. Within each general color (blond, red, black and brown) there are several shades that will match your current color. See the "Resources" section for a tool that will help you match your shade if you need additional help.

Shampoo your hair on the day before you plan to color your roots. Do not use any styling products after shampooing, because your hair must be clear of any products when you apply the hair color.

Wear the gloves included in the hair coloring kit. Perform the hair coloring process in a location with a flat work surface, a sink and a mirror. Set the mixing dish on the counter and open the cap of the "Color Activating Lotion." Pour this into the mixing dish. Open the tube of "Permanent Color Crème" and squeeze this into the mixing dish. Use the brush included to mix these two ingredients well.

Drape the towel around your shoulders to protect your clothing from color drips. Look in the mirror and comb your hair into the style that you generally wear it so that you can see the areas where roots are apparent.

Load a small amount of hair color onto the brush and begin to apply the hair color to the areas where the roots are most obvious. This is generally along your part line, at your temples and on the hairline around your face. Continue loading small amounts of hair color onto the brush and carefully applying the hair color to your roots. Extend the hair color all the way back along your part line to the crown of your head. Wipe away any hair color from your face immediately with the damp paper towels, or it will discolor your skin.

Set the timer for ten minutes. If you are covering stubborn gray hair, set the timer for 15 minutes. Discard any leftover hair color.

Rinse your hair with warm water when the time elapses. Continue rinsing until all the hair color is completely gone from your hair. Dry your hair and style it in your usual fashion.


  • Clairol recommends you perform an allergy test and strand test prior to using their hair color products, and every time you use them, because some people have sensitivities to the chemicals contained in these products. Mix small amounts of each of the hair color ingredients (equal amounts) and apply to the skin on your elbow. Wait 48 hours to see if you have adverse reactions. Use the remaining mixture for a strand test. Take a small cutting from your hair and apply the hair color to this hair. Time the coloring for ten minutes and note whether the hair has the desired color. If it does not, allow five more minutes. Note the time required to achieve your desired results.