By Monica Patrick

Hot rollers give your entire hair strand curl and body, but heated clips, such as the Clairol Quick Lift, give you lift just along the scalp. These rubber-coated clips are flat and placed comfortably in your clean, dry hair in just a few seconds. Keep your hair straight but stylish by using these hair lifts. Whether needing a quick lift before work or dressing up hair for an important evening out, Quick Lift clips will make you look as if you just left a trendy salon.

Use hair lifts to raise your tresses off your scalp for height.

Step 1

Brush out your hair to remove tangles. The hair should be clean and dry. Plug your Clairol Quick Lift into an electrical socket.

Step 2

Plug in your flat iron or curling iron into an electrical outlet. When the appliance is heated, style your hair. Clamp the flat iron on a small section of hair about 2 inches from the scalp, and gently move the iron down the hair shaft toward the tips. If you're using a curling iron, clamp a small section of hair at the tips and gently curl the hair around the iron, moving up the hair shaft toward the head. Unplug the appliance.

Step 3

Lift a 2-inch-wide section of hair with the pointed tip of a teasing comb. Raise the hair section up about 3 to 4 inches from your scalp.

Step 4

Grip the Quick Lift clip by the clamp grip and squeeze the clamps together. This will open the Quick Lift clip.

Step 5

Slide the open Quick Lift clip into the 2-inch section or your hair you're holding near the scalp. Do not place the heated appliance directly on your scalp. It should be about 1 inch from your head.

Step 6

Add more clips wherever you want lift. Leave the clips in your hair for three to five minutes.

Step 7

Remove the clips and arrange the hair with your fingers. Spray the hair with hairspray to set it in place. Unplug the Quick Lift clips.