How to Use Caruso Curlers

By Hillary Cirillo

Caruso curlers use a combination of heat and steam to create curls that last longer. Though Caruso has released many versions of its popular hairstyling tool over the years, the concept of its use remains the same.

Step 1

Remove the top of the Caruso hairsetter and fill the basin with cold water to the predetermined fill line. Then plug the unit into the plug and wait for it to heat.

Step 2

Once steam is produced, about 30 seconds, place a Caruso roller on the spindle. Allow the steam to penetrate the sponge roller for about 10 seconds.

Step 3

Remove the Caruso roller from the spindle and quickly roll your hair where desired. Secure the roller with the plastic shield-style clip that comes with the Caruso hairsetter.

Step 4

After the curls have set, about five to 10 minutes depending on hair thickness, remove the Caruso curlers and let the newly formed curls stay in place until cool.

Step 5

Style hair as desired.