How to Use Binding to Hide Breasts. Women have historically bound their breasts to disguise themselves as men or to play men in movie films, but breast binding is becoming more relevant than ever as more women and men try to align their bodies with their gender identification. Breast binding is useful for anyone who wants to hide or reduce the size of a prominent chest.

Wear either a sports bra that is slightly too small or wear two of your usual sports bras under your usual clothing. There are also men's shirts designed to constrict and conceal body contours.

Layer tight-fitting clothing underneath regular clothing. In addition to wearing a sports bra, you can layer multiple tank tops with built-in bras. Make sure the built-in layer is just an extra layer of elastic rather than a supportive or padded shelf.

Use control-top pantyhose as a base layer alternative to a sports bra. Cut the feet off and cut out the crotch of the hose. Pull on the hose over your head, with the crotch serving as the neck hole and the legs becoming sleeves. The waistline should settle just beneath your breasts. You can cut the legs off as high up as you like.

Wrap the breasts in an ace bandage or plastic wrap. This method is easy, but it's also higher maintenance than the others because any movement or activity can displace the wrap.

Get someone else's opinion. Don't look down at your breasts or look in the mirror and panic if you feel like your breasts are still visible. Ask a trusted friend's opinion on whether your new look works or if you need to try something else.

Remember that while breast binding does hide your breasts from other people, it's really about feeling comfortable in your own body and achieving an outward appearance that reflects who you are inside. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself, so embrace the method you find most comfortable and that achieves the look you like most.


Breasts that are bound too tightly or too often can develop cysts. Allow your breasts some free time every day to ensure that your body stays healthy.