Sea Bass

Steam cooking is a healthy alternative in preparing foods. The benefits are not just of the food retaining its natural smell and color, but it also conserves its natural microelements and vitamins. When fish is steamed, it retains its valuable vitamins and Omega 3 fish oils. Entire meals can be cooked in a steamer in one convenience, as many steamers have stacked compartments where one can place their meats in one, while vegetables and desert in the other compartments.

You can purchase one at Wal-Mart or Target. Oster offers the Oster 5711 Steamer, which has separate compartments and the cost begins at $24.

Clean the vegetables before placing in the steamer. For fish, season it first. If you are steaming rice, just add the rice. For meat, season the meat and place in the steamer.

Following the directions for water amounts, fill the steamer with water. The instructions will be found in your owner's manual. You can also substitute broth or fruit juices to give the food an added flavor.

Set the timer for the suggested cooking time. This will be found in the owner's manual. If you are cooking foods that require different amounts of cooking time, begin with the food requiring the longest amount of time and add the remaining, according to overall time.


  • When cooking using flour, be certain to accurately measure the flour.

  • When cooking fruits and vegetables, look for good color and unblemished skin.

  • Do not allow the liquid in the base of the container to touch the food.

  • Always defrost meats and poultry before cooking.