How to Use a Whip Vaporizer

By LeafTV Editor

Whip vaporizers can be used as an alternative way to ingest the active ingredients found in herbs and tobaccos. Considered a healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers use a heating element instead of burning to extract the elements in the plants and emit a vapor mist that is inhaled. This way the user can receive the effects of the plant without the harmful side effects of smoking. Vaporizers omit the use of an open flame and eliminate the element of smoke altogether, which can be harmful not only to the person smoking but to those around them.

VaporBrothers Hands-Free Vaporizer

Step 1

Plug the vaporizer into an electrical outlet, unless the vaporizer is a cordless, portable unit. Make sure the unit is sitting on a flat, hard surface. Setting the device on carpet or other soft surface is not recommended.

Step 2

Turn the vaporizer on to a mid-level heat setting. Certain whip vaporizers will have a knob at the front of the vaporizer box that can be turned from a low to high setting by turning the knob clockwise. Other whip vaporizers have a digital setting that can be changed manually.

Step 3

Load the whip with the chosen herbs or tobacco by grinding the herbs either with a grinder or by hand, and packing the material in the bowl piece of the whip so that it completely covers the screen. Got Vape, a vaporizer network, suggests you loosely fill the finely ground herbs and avoid over packing because it causes overheating.

Step 4

Place the whip on the heating element. With a standard style whip, use one hand to hold the whip over the heating element while using the other to hold the mouthpiece. If you have a hands-free style whip, connect the whip to the heat source and leave it in place as you use the unit.

Step 5

Immediately draw from the mouthpiece. You should taste a slight sweetness in your mouth as you inhale, and see a light mist as you exhale. There should be no smoke as you exhale. If there is, it means your heating element is too hot, and you should turn it to a lower setting.

Step 6

Turn the vaporizer off when you have completed your session.