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The Wahl Color Pro Color Coded Haircutting Kit makes it easy for even novice home stylists to be able to choose the right length clipper "smooth glide" guide comb for cutting hair. The kit also comes with specially designed ear-taper comb guides -- both for the left and right sides -- which allow the user to make even cuts all around the head. Using the Wahl Color Pro Color Coded Haircutting Kit is a simple as choosing the right length clipper comb based on color.

Color Coding System

The clipper-guide comb attachments, which are easily attached by snapping them into place over the clipper's blades, are designated by color depending on the length of the guide comb. For example, the longest is the light blue comb, which is 1 inch long. The shortest guide comb is 1/16th of an inch in length and designated by a light green color. Other colors in the set include red -- 1/8 inch, purple -- 1/4 inch, dark blue -- 3/8 inch, orange -- 1/2 inch, yellow -- 5/8 inch, lavender -- 3/4 inch, and green -- 7/8 inch. The left and right ear-taper guides, which are marked appropriately, are angled and black in color.

Using the Hair-Cutting Combs

Wahl recommends breaking the head down into sections, which will allow you to use the proper length clipper guide comb for the part of the head you are working on. The back of the head about halfway up the ears is one section, the 2 inches above that -- on the back and the sides of the head -- is another section, the middle of the head, including the bangs area around the forehead is another section, and the top of the head is a section. Start by using the longest guide comb that you want to use for the cut -- you can always cut shorter later with a smaller guide comb. The clippers should be used in an upward rocking motion, cutting against the growth of the hair until the entire section or sections are at the desired length. A fine-tooth comb, which comes with the kit, should be used to make sure that the cuts are even in length.

Using the Ear-Taper Combs

The ear taper guide combs, which snap into place in the same manner as the other guide combs, should be used for the detailed cuts around and above the ears. Start with the left ear -- and the left-ear, taper-guide comb -- and shave in a circular motion around the top of the ear. The angle of the blades will make the cut in a manner that has the hair taper slowly shorter as it gets closer to the ear. Switch to the right-ear, taper-guide comb and repeat for the right ear.

Using the Shaver

For more detail work, such as along the neck line and beneath the ears, remove the clipper guide combs completely and use the blades only. There is a level on the side of the clippers that adjusts the height of the blades to five different depths, depending on how close of a shave you want. The lowest setting should be used when cleaning up extraneous hairs on the neckline and below and behind the ears. You can also use the blades by themselves to trim any unevenness cause by using the clipper guide combs.

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