How to Use a Roller Hair Brush

By Marilyn Walker

Using a round roller hair brush can make your hair bouncy and smooth. With a little practice, you can master this simple technique.

Smooth hair after a blow dry with a round roller brush

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Step 1

Divide wet hair into sections, using claw-style clips to keep them separate. Leave one section down in the front to be dried first.

Step 2

Place the round roller brush under the loose section of hair and aim the blow dryer down, holding it well above your hair to avoid burning or overheating your hair. Slowly pull the brush through the section. The Texas Trade & Industrial Teachers' cosmetology curriculum suggests using your wrist to rotate the brush as you pull it through. Repeat until the section is dry.

Step 3

To add volume, position the brush under the roots and aim blow dryer at the hair in the brush for a few seconds before pulling the brush through.

Demonstrating round roller brush curling ends in

Step 4

To add a curl or flip to the ends of your hair, run the brush through a section and hold the brush at the ends, either flipping in or out while blow drying. Set the curl by leaving the brush in place until the hair is cool.

Step 5

Repeat with all the sections of your hair.