How to Use a Roaster Oven

By Amy Brantley

A roaster oven is a great way to save energy in the kitchen. It also makes a handy second oven during the holidays. Discovering how to use your roaster oven though, can be a bit confusing. You must learn how to clean it and eliminate those funky odors that come from the unit when it's turned on for the first time. With just a few easy steps, you'll learn how to use your roaster oven to its fullest.


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Step 1

Read the instructions. Whenever you buy a small appliance, it pays to read the instructions. Not only will you learn how to properly use your roaster oven, but you'll also learn how to take care of it as well.

Step 2

Clean everything. When you take the unit out of the box, be sure to wash all the parts that can be submerged in water. Take a cloth and wipe out the heating part of the unit to remove any small pieces of packing material.

Step 3

Let the unit heat. Before you use your roaster oven to cook anything, plug it up and allow it to heat for 15 minutes. This will burn off the chemicals that were used during manufacturing.

Step 4

Consider your cooking options. Many people buy a roaster oven and use it strictly for making their holiday turkey. This is a real shame because the unit can be used for several different cooking techniques. You can use your roaster oven the same way you use any other oven. This means that you can put casseroles and even cakes in the unit. You can even use the unit as a slow cooker.

Step 5

Remember that this unit can be used for more than just cooking. Many roaster ovens come with a buffet insert. This means that you can use the unit as a way to keep holiday side dishes or party appetizers warm. You can even use the larger insert to keep chili and soups warm as well.