baked potato

The original version of the Nesco Roaster made its debut in the 1930s. Today, improved models can be found in kitchens across America. The Nesco Roaster is convenient for cooking; it can cook or bake almost anything, including baked potatoes.

Insert the rack into the Nesco Roaster. You cannot bake potatoes without the rack.

Preheat the Nesco Roaster to 400 degrees F. Allow at least 20 minutes for the system to preheat.

Wash the potatoes thoroughly. Use a vegetable scrubber for best results.

Pierce the potatoes several times with a knife or fork. Wrap the potatoes in foil, if you prefer.

Place the potatoes directly on the rack in the Nesco Roaster. Do not use the baking pan for potatoes. Cover the roaster with the lid.

Let the potatoes bake for approximately 40 to 45 minutes. Insert a fork through them to determine if they are done. Fully cooked potatoes will be easily to pierce with a fork.


  • Some users report excellent results when the potatoes are baked without foil. This is purely a personal preference; bake them however you like. The 5-quart Nesco Roaster will bake approximately four potatoes. If your roaster is larger, you should be able to accommodate more. Make sure there is ample space between your potatoes on the rack.