By M.H. Dyer

Potatoes are good prepared in a variety of ways, including baked, boiled or scalloped. If you have a roaster, you can take advantage of the handy piece of kitchen equipment to make succulent, golden-brown roasted potatoes. Serve the roasted potatoes with your favorite meat dish, and you'll have a meal fit for a king. Although any kind of potato is good roasted, small "new" red potatoes or Yukon Gold potatoes are especially delicious.

Roast potatoes are brown and crispy outside, and tender inside.

Step 1

Set your electric roaster to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the roaster to preheat for about 20 minutes.

Step 2

Wash 2 lbs. of potatoes and pat the potatoes dry with a paper towel. Cut the potatoes into evenly-sized wedges about 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick.

Step 3

Place the sliced potatoes in a large, resealable bag. Pour 2 tbsp. of olive oil into the bag, then add 1 tbsp. salt, 1 tsp. garlic powder and 1 tsp. onion powder.

Step 4

Seal the bag, then using your hands, massage the bag to coat the potato chunks in the oil and seasonings.

Step 5

Set the rack in the preheated roaster and spread the potato chunks on the roaster. Turn the potato chunks over with a pair of tongs after about 15 to 20 minutes. Roast the potato chunks for 15 to 20 more minutes until the potatoes are crispy and brown.