After a hard day or before a last minute gathering, you want to make your wine the perfect temperature quickly and without a lot of hassle. Though there are a variety of electric wine coolers on the market, you can just as easily use a metal wine bucket to chill your wine in about 20 minutes. Metal wine chillers do not require an electric outlet; all you need to chill your wine is the ice and water. For this reason, using a metal wine chiller is a popular way to cool wine.

Fill a wine bucket to the halfway mark with ice. You can use any type of ice--crushed or cubed--just as long as the ice isn't in large chunks that can't be broken apart.

Pour cold water into the ice bucket until the water and ice mixture fills about 2/3 of the metal wine chiller. Be sure to use cold water for this step; lukewarm or warm water will melt the ice too quickly, and the wine won't stay cool as long.

Measure about ½ cup of rock salt and pour it into the ice water. Slosh the metal wine bucket around slightly or use a spoon to mix the salt. Place the bottle of wine in the bucket slowly, making sure the water doesn't overflow over the side of the wine cooler. The wine will chill in about 20 minutes. After serving the wine, place the bottle back into the bucket to keep the remaining wine chilled.


  • To speed the chilling process, rotate the bottle back and forth every 5 to 10 minutes. This will mix the wine inside of the bottle, helping it all to be exposed to the icy water.