How to Use a Foundation Sponge

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Foundation sponges are soft, teardrop or wedge-shaped cosmetic tools that are most used to apply liquid foundation. The tiny sponge fibers provide subtle blending power for smooth, natural coverage, and make getting a flawless complexion easier than ever. If you've never employed a foundation sponge, the idea could be intimidating, but actually, they are fairly easy to use, even for beginners.

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How To Use A Foundation Sponge

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Foundation sponges are absorbent and durable, which means you won't over-apply foundation. Dampen the sponge under tap water for a few seconds. Wrap it in a towel and squeeze out the excess liquid.

Pour a dime-sized amount of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand. Dip one side of the sponge up to the into the product. Gently press and roll the loaded sponge from the center of the face outwards in small, even motions. Keep pressing lightly until you have applied the foundation over your entire face.


Prep your face with a light facial moisturizer before you apply any foundation. This step creates a healthy, smooth palette for the makeup.

You can also use a foundation sponge to apply concealer to areas that need extra coverage. Dip the tip of a clean, damp sponge into a cream concealer. Stipple under the eyes or around the nose until you have built up the coverage your desire. Remove or blend any excess coverage with a clean side of the sponge.


Apply your concealer after your foundation so it stays exactly where you want it. If you apply the concealer beforehand you run the risk of moving the concealer.

Powder foundations and setting powders can also be applied with sponges. For the smoothest, tidiest application, the sponge should be just slightly damp.

Dip a long side of the sponge into the powder. If you are applying powder foundation dab the sponge onto your face gently, working from your nose out until the product covers your skin. Reload the sponge as necessary. If you are applying powder highlighter or concealer use the pointed tip to stipple the desired areas.


If you have dry skin avoid powder foundations, which can highlight and exacerbate dry areas. Stick with moisturizing products for a glowing finish.