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Also known as a microwave browner or crisper plate, a microwave browning dish can add a crispy exterior to your favorite foods, comparable to food cooked in a conventional oven or stovetop frying pan. This specially coated cookware captures and absorbs microwave energy and uses it to heat up the surface of the browning dish. Foods that usually come out of the microwave soggy -- such as chicken or hash browns -- will have a crisper texture when cooked on a microwave browning dish.

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Wash, prepare and season the food according to your recipe requirements.

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Wipe down the surface of the browning dish to ensure that it is clean before use.

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Place the browning dish inside your microwave oven. Preheat the browning dish per the manufacturer's instructions. Times vary, but smaller-sized browning dishes require preheating on high for about 4 minutes.

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Leaving the browning dish in the microwave if possible, place the food inside the dish. Place the food around the center of the browning dish, but do not overlap pieces. Place the lid on the browning dish.

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Set the microwave for the recommended cooking time. Rotate the browning dish periodically during the cooking process if the microwave does not have a revolving glass carousel. Turn the food over once in the middle of the cooking process to brown both sides.

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Remove the browning dish after the required microwave cooking time. Place the food on a covered serving tray and preheat the browning dish again if your recipe requires the browning of more food.


Coat the surface of the browning dish with a small amount of butter or margarine to help prevent food from sticking.


Do not place the browning dish in the microwave with the lid on it when you preheat.

Don't preheat the browning dish for longer than recommended by the manufacturer. Doing so may cause breakage.

Use caution when placing food on the hot browning dish. The food may splatter when it hits the hot surface.

Wear oven mitts when removing the browning dish from your microwave to prevent burns.

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