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Some lip rings have a ball at one end which screws onto the metal ring or post to keep it in place. The lip ring can become difficult to remove when there is a buildup of residue around the ball or when the ball is screwed on too tightly. You do not have to cut the ring to take it off. You can use items that are available at home to unscrew the ring. Work carefully to avoid hurting yourself.

Warm the lip ring. You have several options: Pour hot water slowly over the ball of the lip ring; soak a cotton cloth in hot water and press it to your lip; or, take a hot shower and lift your face so the water hits the ring. Move the ring gently from side to side to loosen any crust around it.

Dry the lip ring with a towel. Turn the ball to the left to unscrew it. If the ball is slippery, put on a pair of latex gloves and try again. The gloves provide you a firmer grip.

Return to the artist who installed the ring for assistance, if you are unable to remove it yourself. The artist can use professional tools to loosen the ring.