Image by Catherine MacBride/Moment/GettyImages

There are many recipes that would benefit from a kitchen scale. Instead of measuring flour by measuring cup, the kitchen scale gives a far more accurate measurement. Larger than the small scale used by dieters to weigh their portions, the kitchen scale can be found in digital or non-digital design. The non-digital design is fairly simple to operate.

Place an empty container on the top of the scale. This should be the container where the food being weighed will be placed. The dial on the scale will move, weighing the container.

Reset the scale with the container still on it, setting it back to zero. This allows you to measure the ingredients, and subtracting the weight of the container.

Spoon or set the ingredient to be weighed into the container. Stop adding the ingredient when it reaches the desired weight. Most scales will show measurements in ounces. The floured weighed in the picture weighs 3 ounces. The hash marks between the numbers indicate quarter ounces.