By Jaimie Zinski

Spices, from exotic saffron to common garlic and onion powder, add flavor to dishes that would otherwise taste bland and unappealing. The majority of spices do not have an expiration date but they will begin to degrade and lose their flavor over time. They may also begin to clump, which occurs when a spice is not packaged with preserving agents or is improperly stored. Once the clumps are removed, spices are ready to flavor your family's favorite dishes.


Remove the cap from the spice bottle and pour the clumped spices onto a piece of paper towel.

Press down onto the clumped spices with the back of a spoon. Move the spoon around on the clumps until they have all been removed.

Pour any of the spices that are still clumped into a food processor or blender. You can also use a coffee grinder dedicated to spice grinding. Process the spices on low for 10 to 15 seconds to remove any remaining clumps.

Pour the spices back into the original bottle and seal the cap tightly. This will prevent any moisture from entering the bottle, which is one of the causes of clumps in spices.