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The herb cilantro is easy to grow in a container garden or find at a local grocery store. The triangular-shaped leaves of this plant are chopped and added to dishes, especially Latin dishes. If you make a mistake and add too much of the green stuff, you'll end up with a dish that has a bitter, even soapy flavor. Counteract an overdose by adding fiery ingredients that complete this delicious flavor profile. Strong and grassy, cilantro flavors hold up well to chiles and other herbs.

Chop up one small onion. Add the chopped onion to the cilantro dish. Cover the dish with a lid and let the onion flavor simmer into the sauce.

Slice up two jalapenos or Serrano chiles and place them in the dish. This will add heat, giving the dish depth and offsetting the soapy flavor.

Squirt 2 to 3 tbsp. of fresh lime juice into the cilantro sauce. This will brighten and lighten the dish.