How to Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally

By Sumei FitzGerald

The fallopian tube is called the "golden path" because it is the route an egg takes to get from the ovary to the uterus, and the most common place for egg and sperm to meet. Infertility is often due to blocked fallopian tubes, which can become obstructed by adhesions or scar tissue that forms in response to injury, infection, inflammation or surgery. Although surgery is often Western medicine's preferred treatment for blocked Fallopian tubes, there are many other ways to unblock fallopian tubes naturally.

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Step 1

Quit cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine. Doctors at the Hale Clinic stress that alcohol and drug use, caffeine and cigarette smoking can all affect the health of your fallopian tubes.

Step 2

Manage stress, which can have a big effect on your hormonal system. Meditation, exercise and stress management techniques can improve hormonal function. Support groups have also been shown to raise pregnancy rates.

Step 3

Eat well. Lower the sugar content in your diet, because it robs the body of essential minerals. Organic foods and filtered water will reduce the heavy metals and other toxins in your body that affect reproductive health. Dr. Julian Whitaker, of the Whitaker Wellness Center, recommends crab, lean red meats and oysters to increase vitamin C, Lycopodium and zinc intake.

Step 4

Add supplements to your diet to ensure that you're getting the nutrients you need to promote healing, decrease fallopian tube adhesions, maintain sexual hormone production and promote fertility.

Step 5

Take herbs that can loosen adhesions and kill off bacteria that causes inflammation and scarring in fallopian tubes. Frankincense and myrrh help reduce inflammation, while ginger and ginseng stimulate blood flow. Other herbal ingredients that are useful include calendula flowers, chamomile, corydalis root, garlic, green tea and red clover.

Step 6

Try acupuncture, which can help unblock fallopian tubes naturally by reducing stress and increasing blood supply to the reproductive organs. A 2002 German study found that women who received acupuncture along with other fertility treatments were much more likely to conceive.

Step 7

Get a massage to break up scar tissue, increase blood flow and pull adhesions apart.