How to Twist Hair to Create Dreads

By Zoe London

When beginning dreadlocks, you have several options for this unique hairstyle. Twists work well with kinky hair when growing dreadlocks because twists are usually able to hold their style with minimal care. Twists also work on curly hair, but may take longer to form dreadlocks than kinkier hair. You can twist your hair to begin locks yourself or have a professional locktician do it for you. As your hair grows, you'll only need to twist the new growth into your locks; this is something you can easily do at home.


How to Twist Hair to Create Dreads

Decide what size you want your eventual dreadlocks to be. This determines the size of the sections you make when initially creating parts all over the head.

Create even sections with the tail of the rat tail comb. These sections can be square or diamond shaped. You may find it easier to start at the back of your head and work your way toward the front.

Take a section of hair and divide it in two. Begin twisting these two strands together from the root all the way to the ends.

Use rubber bands to hold these twists at the base of each section if your hair is very short or easy to unravel.

Continue twisting two strands in each section over the entire head.

How to Comb Twist to Create Dreads

Part hair into small sections with the tail end of the comb, as above.

Apply a small amount of lightweight hair gel to the hair and comb through this section thoroughly to remove all tangles.

Hold the tail end of the rat tail comb vertically at the root of this section and twist the hair around the end of the comb in one direction.

Continue twisting until the entire section of hair has been twisted around the comb and then slide the comb out of the twist.

Repeat these steps over the entire head for a good starter dreadlocks style.