Chocolate Fountain With Fondue, Fruits and Marshmallow on children party

Although a chocolate fondue fountain serves as both a centerpiece and a delicious treat on any dessert table, it isn't nearly as impressive when it begins to malfunction. When the chocolate refuses to flow, thickens into unattractive clumps that clog the motion or just has a lopsided appearance, it's important to address the problem as soon as possible. You usually can fix the issue yourself in minutes, but ignoring the problem could lead to permanent damage.

Evaluate the consistency of the chocolate if it does not flow through the chocolate fountain. The chocolate must be melted and smooth before you add it to the fountain. Add up to 1 oz.. of vegetable oil for every 4 oz.. of melted chocolate to ensure the chocolate flows steadily

Make sure you turned on the chocolate fountain's motor. Some fountains have a "heater" setting that preheats the fountain. This setting does not turn on the motor, so look at the control knob for a setting marked "heater/motor" or a setting marked "on" instead of preheat.

Adjust the base if the chocolate flows over only one side of the fountain. This usually means the base is not level. Some fountains have a small dial near the bottom of the base to adjust the feet and make them level. Move the fountain to a level surface if it does not have this feature.

Unplug the chocolate fountain immediately if it stops working. Let the fountain cool for about five minutes and look for any obstructions or chocolate lumps in the fountain. Plug the fountain back in and turn it on once you remove the obstruction.


Fix the chocolate if you've added too much oil to it, making it too thin and pour or spray out of the fountain in an unattractive way. Resvole the issue by adding more melted chocolate to the fountain until you are satisfied with the consistency.


Never run the chocolate fountain's motor when it is empty or if an obstruction stops the chocolate from flowing. This can burn out the motor and permanently damage your chocolate fountain.