bearded man image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com

Beards that are well-trimmed and cared for can keep a man warm and might make him look younger, too. Beards also can help overweight men add angles to their face and help highlight the appearance of the jaw. For men over 50, a beard can help distract from male pattern baldness or provide a new chiseled look a la George Clooney or Sean Connery. Thus, men who are older than 50 and trying to reinvent their look might want to consider growing a beard.

Comb through and detangle the entire beard with the wide-tooth comb. Do the same with the mustache using the small-tooth comb.

Adjust the beard trimmer to the length that you want and run it over the entire area of your beard. Do not trim your mustache at this stage. If you are unsure about how close to trim your beard, begin with the longest setting and work your way to a closer setting.

Comb your mustache straight down with the small-tooth comb. Place the beard trimmer halfway between your nose and the middle of your upper lip. Turn it on and trim straight down toward the lip. Begin again in the same place and trim toward one corner of the mouth and then the other. In most cases, avoid trimming the top of the mustaches, as most mustaches look better when left longer under the nose.

Use the beard trimmer to redefine the edges of your beard. You may choose to let your beard define its own edges, but most men over the age of 50 want a more trimmed, less scruffy beard. Generally you can make a chin line by visualizing a line from ear to ear and an intersecting line out from the edge of your sideburn that is closest to your ear. Everything outside these lines should be trimmed away completely with a razor or with the beard trimmer after you’ve taken off the trimming guide.


Do not trim wet beards. The hair will be longer when it is wet, and unless you are an experienced beard trimmer you will probably trim the beard too short.

If you are a beginner, consider visiting a professional beard trimmer every few months to ensure that you are trimming your beard correctly.