How to Treat Tuberculosis Naturally

By Contributing Writer

Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly infections airborne disease which principally affects the lungs. Conventional medical treatment for the disease using medication is generally used, but for those who prefer non-chemical, natural remedies, a number of therapies are recommended. These remedies center around boosting the immune system's defenses to fight TB.

Natural Remedies

Step 1

Get plenty of sunlight. Research has shown that exposure to sunlight and UV light is key to effective natural therapy. Sunlight produces Vitamin D which works by boosting the immune system. This allows the body to more effectively fight the bacteria that cause TB (mycobacterium tuberculosis).

Step 2

Take barberry. The International Journal of Health Research reports that barberry (Berberis vulgaris) berries may be useful in combating TB. Barberries contain the natural anti-bacterial agent berberine.

Step 3

Take horsetail. Horsetail includes Silica, the presence of which may be low in TB sufferers. Putting Silica back into the system assists in the prevention of scar tissue buildup in the lungs.

Step 4

Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. According to the Journal of Infectious Diseases, vitamins and mineral supplements (including Vitamins A, B, B6, C, E and Selenium) can provide a positive outcome for TB patients. The vitamins strengthen the immune system, allowing the body to fight the TB bacteria effectively, thereby limiting the effects of the infection. They also assist in preventing both complications from TB and any recurrence of it.

Step 5

Monitor your diet. A well-balanced diet assists with total bodily health and, as such, is vital for the body's strength in fighting TB. Fruit juices, particularly orange and pineapple (taken with a little honey and salt), fight TB by not only providing vitamin C, but also by reducing infectious mucus and fighting the mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria.