How to Treat External Hemorrhoids Naturally

By Jean Lockwood

Hemorrhoids are one of those things that can easily go from a mild annoyance to a real pain. If you suffer from mild external hemorrhoids, you may be able to get great results by using natural remedies to treat them.

Step 1

Change your diet. What many people may not realize is that hemorrhoids are usually caused by constipation and having to strain to have a bowel movement. Eating more fiber and drinking more water can lead to regular bowel movements.

Step 2

Take a warm oatmeal bath a couple of times a day. This will help soothe the sore area and encourage healing to begin.

Step 3

Apply a compress made with witch hazel to the area for 10 minutes a few times a day by soaking a pad with witch hazel. Witch hazel helps with the inflammation, pain and itching.

Step 4

Use aloe vera as a hemorrhoid ointment. Aloe vera can be taken right out of a plant stem. Break open the stem and squeeze out the gel. Aloe vera is used in many medications to treat burns, minor injuries and bug bites. It promotes healing and has soothing qualities that will help with the itching, burning and pain that hemorrhoids can cause.

Step 5

Wipe with moist wipes after you have a bowel movement. Wiping with dry toilet paper might irritate the hemorrhoids more, and can cause swelling and bleeding.