We all know a sunburn hurts, and we all know that getting one is really bad for our skin. So it stands to reason that we should be really careful about sun exposure...but if we all were you wouldn't be reading this article. So if your as red as a lobster and in need of some pain relief, read on.

You may have noticed that I listed 3 items as needed. While Noxzema will be your main relief if you have a burn covering a large area or a very bad burn you might need a little extra help.


To begin (If you have a light sunburn or small burned area like face and forearms skip this step)when you first get in from sun exposure and the sting is at it's worst you should take a bottle of white vinegar and while standing in the shower pour it over the burned areas. While it may smell awful, it will temporarily take the sting out of your sunburn. Using your shower head lightly rinse off with cool water.

Once you have rinsed off in a cool shower, open your Noxzema (Original, or with Aloe Vera) and scoop a large amount out with your hand and apply to your sunburned skin. Apply it it thickly and do not rub in. It Should still be white and just sitting on your skin. The Noxzema will draw the heat out of your sunburned skin and will provide immediate relief to the stinging/burning sensation. You should leave the Noxzema on until it is completely or nearly completely absorbed. Absorption will occur in 2-3 hours. When the Noxzema is no longer white and thick, reapply and wait for absorption again.

Using the Noxzema treatment repeatedly over a few days (aprox. 3 depending on severity of burn) will dramatically lessen your pain, discomfort, and shorten your recovery time. Noxzema really should be your number one go-to for a sunburn. I have very fair skin that can burn within 30 minutes and I've never found any other treatment to work as well as Noxzema.

In the event that you absolutely can not stay in applying Noxzema a good alternative for when you have to go out is Aloe Vera gel. since it is clear and can be rubbed in a little you might be a little shiny, but it would be less embarrassing than having to go out covered in Noxzema. If you have to do this, as soon as you can lightly rinse off in a cool shower and resume the Noxzema treatment.

Enjoy your summer, and try to WEAR SUNBLOCK!!!!!


If your skin is burnt to such an extreme that it is dark tinted, or has blisters you could have 3rd degree burns and should see a health care provider as quickly as possible. If you have blisters and can't or won't see a Doctor, try not to pop them and allow them to heal and drain on their own before peeling. If you tear the skin off of a popped blister the raw skin underneath could become severely infected.