By Jessica Barnhart

Transferring a picture onto a fondant cake can make the cake match the party theme or serve as a frame for an image of the guest of honor. There are several ways to transfer a picture to a fondant cake; a frozen butter-cream transfer is one of the most common.

Frozen butter cream icing transfer on a birthday cake

Step 1

Print a mirror image of the picture you want to transfer onto the cake. You can set your printer to the mirror-image setting before you print.

Step 2

Tape the picture to a stiff but movable surface, such as a piece of cardboard. Tape a piece of wax paper over the image.

Step 3

Mix the butter cream icing and gel food colorings to create the different colors in the picture. Mix the different colors of icing in small bowls; you need as many bowls as there are colors in the picture. Put each color of icing into its own pastry bag.

Step 4

Using a small, round icing tip, pipe black icing around the outline of the picture. Fill in the rest of picture with icing in the corresponding colors.

Step 5

Place the second piece of wax paper over the butter cream picture and smooth slightly. This can be done with a rolling pin. Do not flatten picture.

Step 6

Place picture in the freezer for 24 hours to harden icing. Remove picture from the freezer and carefully peel wax paper off of both sides of picture.

Step 7

Place picture on the cake. Use tiny dots of royal icing to hold picture in place.