Traeger Grills have a reputation for providing professional-quality grilling, cooking and baking, all with ease. Eliminating the need to monitor the grill for hours, Traeger allows its users simply to set the temperature and let the Traeger do the rest of the work. Grilling a pork tenderloin on a Traeger is simple. With the addition of just a few ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious, Traeger-grilled pork tenderloin in less time than you might think.

Things You'll Need

Adjust the dial to “Smoke,” and open the grill lid. Wait five minutes, and then close the lid. Wait another ten minutes for the grill to heat completely.

Rub the pork tenderloin with a generous amount of barbecue rub seasoning to flavor the meat.

Wrap the tenderloin with several pieces of bacon to preserve flavor and moisture.

Put the pork on the grill, and let it smoke for 30 minutes.

Adjust the temperature dial to 250 degrees Fahrenheit after 30 minutes. Let the meat grill for an hour and a half at 250. Then, set the dial back to “Smoke.”

Slather the tenderloin with barbecue sauce, brushing it evenly across the surface.

Check the internal temperature of the meat by pushing a meat thermometer into its center. When it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the tenderloin is ready to eat.

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