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As we age, our skin become less elastic and begins to sag. Certain areas of the body sag more than others, and can be difficult to exercise or tone. One of these areas is the skin of the neck. Often called a "turkey wattle," this loose neck skin is frequently treated surgically. Surgery, however, is expensive and comes with a multitude of possible side effects, such as facial paralysis or infection. Neck exercises can tighten loose neck skin naturally.

Lay flat on a soft blanket with your legs stretched out in front of you. Try to lay the blanket out on a hard, flat surface so that your body is totally parallel to the ground. Place a soft pillow under your head. Do not use an overstuffed pillow, as this can hinder the exercises. Use a small, soft pillow.

Slowly lift your head off of the pillow using only your neck muscles. Do not use your abdominal muscles to help you. Lift your head straight up, about four inches off of the pillow, and then release back down onto the pillow. Do 10 repetitions.

Turn your head to the left side, and slowly lift your head off of the pillow about four inches. Release your head back down onto the pillow. Do 10 repetitions facing the left side, and then ten repetitions facing the right side.

Sit up on the blanket, and stretch your neck muscles by tilting your head to either side. Lift your chin towards the ceiling to further the stretch. Repeat the entire neck routine once per day.


Keep your neck skin hydrated.


Wearing SPF lotion every day will help protect your skin from further damage and/or aging.