How to Tie UGG Moccasins

By LeafTV Editor

UGG boots became popular as warm, furry boots for women to wear in cold weather. The company has since introduced a large number of different footwear models quite different from its iconic boots. The UGG Dakota is the company's version of a moccasin. A durable shoe with a strong rubber sole, the Dakota also features thick, strong laces that can be tricky to tie. Unlike thinner shoelaces, the UGG moccasin laces easily come undone if not tied well enough.

credit: Ryan Pike/Hemera/GettyImages
How to Tie UGG Moccasins


Place your UGG moccasins on your feet. Pull the shoelaces tight so that the fit is comfortable.

Cross the laces. Make a normal bow at the top of the shoelaces by wrapping one end around your thumb loosely, and holding it in place. Wrap the other end of the lace around the first loop held in place by your thumb. Bring the end of that second lace around and through the second loop you made around the first loop.

Pull both ends of the bow tightly. Since the laces on UGG moccasins are thick, you will have to pull the laces tighter than you would on regular shoelaces to keep them in place.

Double lace the shoelace bow to make sure it stays in place. Wrap one loop around and through the other. Pull both loops of the bow as tightly as you can. The double-tied shoelaces should keep the laces of your moccasins from coming untied.