How to Tie a Thai Skirt

By Lisa Finn

A Thai wrap skirt is made of many materials, including cotton, rayon, polyester and machine-woven or hand-woven silk. It comes in various patterns and colors. Today, people of all ages and ethnicities wear Thai wrap skirts for occasions ranging from a day at the beach to a wedding. Tying a Thai skirt is easily done by wrapping one piece of material around the body and tying it artistically in the front or at the side in a variety of different ways. While Thai skirts are worn long or short, the way in which it is tied creates its unique styling.

The center knot is one way to wear a Thai skirt.

Step 1

Hold the skirt in both hands and put it behind your waist. Draw your fingers down the fabric and hold both ends so the ends are even and straight out in front of you.

Step 2

Place the two sides together. Slide your hands up the skirt and back toward your waist. Pinch the fabric together just above the belly button. Hold onto the fabric's left side at that spot with your left hand. Make a little 3-inch knob by gathering the fabric. Repeat on the right side. Both hands should have a little knob of fabric near the belly button.

Step 3

Tie the two pieces together by crossing the left knob behind the right. Pull the fabric under and up to cross it. Holding a piece of fabric in each hand, pull the fabric taut. Make a knot by crossing the two pieces, sliding the left fabric behind the right and pulling the fabric through the hole. Grab both ends and tighten. Notice how the skirt is gathered on both sides with a knot at the stomach's center.

Step 4

Move your hands down to the bottom of the fabric. Pick up both ends of the fabric. Hold both pieces with your left hand and slide your right hand to the knot. Pull taut so it looks like a sheet. Fold the end of the skirt 4 inches inward using your left hand. Reverse the next fold so it becomes accordion style. Continue the accordion-style folds all the way to the knot. Place the fold in the front center of the skirt.

Step 5

Lift the accordion-style folds up 2 inches. Tuck the fabric 4 inches over the knot and into the skirt so it presses against your skin. Smooth the fabric inside and out making sure it's securely tucked.

Step 6

Place your fingers along both sides of the front vertical strip. Gently pull all the way to the bottom. This accentuates the middle part and ensures everything is in place.