If you have a thick or heavy scarf lying around and you’ve been looking for something creative to do with it, here’s a stylish way to tie it on your head. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just prefer a more modest look, match up your scarf with an outfit and you’ll be instantly and effortlessly elegant.

Fold your scarf in half, forming a triangle.

Place the folded scarf over your head so that the middle corner falls to the back of your head, covering your neck, and the straight edge lies along your front hairline.

Tie the left corner and the right corner once behind your head at the base of the back of your neck, beneath the middle corner.

Now, tuck the middle corner, the tail, underneath the knot you just created and push it in tightly so that it’s hidden underneath the scarf. You've just created a loosely formed bun in the back

Take the right corner and gently wrap it around the loose bun. When doing this, you want to wrap it so that the scarf is smooth and tight on your head and also so that the bun is round and protruding from the base of the back of your neck. Wrap it around and around until you reach the end, then tuck it securely into the bun so that it won't become loose or untie.

Wrap the left corner the same way you just did the right, around and around the bun before finally tucking it in securely. That’s it. Beautiful!


Resist the temptation to tie the scarf too tightly. This may actually cause it to slip. This style really brings out your face and looks great with large earrings.