By Brenda Priddy

Soup can easily become too thick with the addition of too many starchy vegetables, too much flour or other thickeners or from boiling the soup too long. When this occurs, it is necessary to add more liquids to the soup to return the soup back to the correct consistency. It is important to add the correct kind of liquid back into the soup based on the type of soup and the broth base.

It is a simple matter to thin soup with the proper liquid based on the soup's recipe.

Step 1

Thin broth-based soups with chicken stock, vegetable stock or water. Soups such as chicken noodle soup, vegetable soups, beef stew and bean soup all use a broth or water base. Add a little bit of liquid at a time to thin soup that is too thick. Heat the soup on the stove before adding the liquid so that you do not add too much and make the soup too thin. Mix the liquid into the soup with a stirring spoon.

Step 2

Add cooking wine or beer to soups that use the wine or beer as the broth such as with fish soup, rice vermicelli soup and some kinds of vegetable soups. Add the wine or beer while the soup is warm and bring to a boil to eliminate the alcohol from the wire or beer, simply leaving the liquid and flavor. This makes the soup available for people of all ages to eat.

Step 3

Add milk or cream to sauce or cream-based soups, such as carrot soup, potato soup, chowders or creamed soups. Milk and cream will keep a smooth and creamy texture in the soup while adding enough liquid to retain the soup consistency, rather than a porridge consistency. Do not allow milk or cream-based soups to boil.