How to Thicken Runny Frosting

By Debi Walstad

Homemade frosting can be made as a sweet topping for cakes, donuts, brownies, and cookies. The most challenging part of making frosting can be finding the right consistency. A frosting that is too runny or too thick will be difficult to spread.

Finding the right frosting consistency will create a tasty treat.

Step 1

Using a spoon, test the consistency of the frosting. If it sticks to the spoon and runs off slowly, it is the right consistency. If it pour off quickly, it needs to be thickened.

Step 2

Thicken the frosting by adding 1 tbsp confectioners or powdered sugar. Stir, then test the consistency again.

Step 3

Keep adding powdered sugar, 1 tbsp at a time until it is the desired consistency.