How to Thaw Frozen Cooked Shrimp Quickly

By Jodi Buttarazzi

Frozen cooked shrimp can make a quick and easy meal when added to salad, to a favorite recipe or eaten with cocktail sauce. If you need the cooked frozen shrimp in a hurry, they can be thawed quickly with cold tap water. Using either of the methods below will have your cooked frozen shrimp ready to eat within 30 minutes.

Thawing frozen cooked shrimp is easy and takes only a few minutes.

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Soak Shrimp in Cold Water

Step 1

Place the frozen cooked shrimp in a colander or strainer.

Step 2

Fit the colander or strainer into a large bowl. Add enough cold tap water to the bowl to cover the frozen shrimp completely.

Step 3

Soak the shrimp in the cold water for 10 to 20 minutes or until defrosted, changing the water after 5 minutes to speed the process. Drain the shrimp and they are ready to use.

Running Water

Step 4

Place the frozen cooked shrimp in a colander or large bowl.

Step 5

Run cold tap water over the shrimp until they have thawed. Use the sink spray nozzle to evenly run the tap water over all the shrimp. Mix the shrimp every 3 minutes to evenly thaw. The shrimp will be thawed and ready for use in 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 6

Strain the water completely from the shrimp. The cooked shrimp are now ready to be used in a favorite recipe, on top of a salad or enjoyed with cocktail sauce.