How to Tell the Difference between Rabbit Fur & Mink

By LeafTV Editor

Rabbit and mink are two popular furs used in the production of outwear, from full-length coats to fur-trimmed hats and gloves. For a novice fur wearer, telling the difference between these two furs can be a daunting task. Mink is the most popular type of fur on the market and generally carries a much higher price tag than rabbit, which is less expensive to rear and, therefore, carries a lower premium. There are several ways that even the most inexperienced fur wearer can tell the difference between a luxurious mink piece and a more common and less expensive rabbit garment.

Mink fur
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How To Tell The Difference Between Rabbit Fur Mink

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Feel the texture and softness of the piece against the fur's grain. Mink will be soft and luxurious when felt in this manner. A lesser quality fur, such as rabbit, will feel more coarse and rough.

Look at the appearance of the fur. Mink will have a shinier coloring, while rabbit will take on a duller appearance.

Examine the length of the individual hairs. Coats and pieces that sport medium-length hair are more likely to be rabbit. A piece that is covered with shorter, denser fur is both warmer and mink.


  • Look at the fur piece's price tag. A piece that is constructed entirely of rabbit or has rabbit trim will be much less expensive than a piece made from mink