Fresh blueberries are a fleeting summer treat. The dark, velvety blue berries perish quickly after harvest, and are available fresh for only a brief period. Storing the berries correctly prolongs your precious harvest, making the sweet treats available for a longer period. Consume fresh berries as is, or scattered on top of ice cream or yogurt. Fresh and frozen berries can be used to make smoothies, jams or sauces, and they can be added to baked goods, such as muffins or cakes.

Select the freshest, ripest blueberries possible for the best taste and sweetness. Look for specific characteristics, depending on whether you harvest your own blueberries, or purchase them from a store or market.

Blueberries are highly perishable. Regardless of whether you purchase them in the store or pick them fresh, store the berries in the fridge as soon as possible.