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Some people believe ingesting gelatin improves nail health and hardens the finger and toenails. Gelatin is made of collagen, a protein found in the skin and bones of pigs and cattle. Those who use gelatin say the collagen in gelatin teams with keratin in the fingernails to strengthen weak, brittle nails and promote healthy growth. The Knox drink for nails has Vitamin C to aid in collagen formation; biotin, which helps promote healthy nail growth; and gelatin for strong, healthy nails.

Mix one package of Knox Orange Flavored Gelatin in an 8-oz. glass of water or juice. Stir until the powder has completely dissolved before drinking. Drink one packet of gelatin mixed with water or juice daily.

Watch for signs of new growth in about 30 days. Depending on the health of the nails, new growth may not be measurably detectable for approximately three months. Healthy fingernails grow at a rate of about 1 to 2 inches a year. The middle fingernail grows fastest. The growth rate decreases on the fourth, second, fifth fingers and finally the thumb. Nails grow faster in the summer months than in the winter months. Overall, the nails on the hand used the most grow fastest.

Help protect the health of your nails and speed growth, along with taking the Knox gelatin, by wearing rubber gloves while doing dishes or other household chores. Wear regular gloves during cold weather or when doing chores that might break the nail tips, such as working in the yard. Avoid exposing your nails to harsh detergents and alkaline conditions. Prevent dirt from getting under your nails by digging them into a bar of soap before gardening. Manicure your nails regularly to keep nails smooth with less tear and splitting.

Nail polish, strengtheners, and hardeners help protect the nail surface, particularly those containing nylon fibers. The fibers add strength and protection to the nails. Nail polish remover dries and weakens nails. If possible, when applying a new coating of nail protectors, apply them over the previous coats rather than using remover to take off the earlier coating. Applying a new coat over the older coats simply adds another layer of protection.


Regular manicures and the use of daily nail and cuticle moisturizers, along with the Knox gelatin routine, may well produce healthy long-growing nails you'll be proud to show off.

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