A tequila body shot is fun and exciting. You can try it with friends, that special someone or maybe even that cute guy or girl staring at you from across the bar! The only real limits are the limits to your imagination. To do a tequila body shot you need to decide on a person and find the perfect spot on their body. One shot and you’ll see what the fun is all about.

Choose someone to join you in the fun. You can do a tequila shot by yourself, but it’s far more fun with another person.

Lick your partner’s neck and apply a liberal coating of salt to the spot. Since the salt can burn, you need to make sure there aren’t any cuts, bug bites or other breaks in the skin. It will hurt an awful lot if the salt gets in an open wound.

Place your lime wedge in the other person’s mouth. Make sure you leave a little bit of the lime sticking out so you can grip it with your teeth later.

Take your shot by slowly running your tongue along the other person’s neck and then quickly drink the shot of tequila.

End your tequila body shot by using your mouth to take the lime wedge out of their mouth. If you’re really feeling dangerous or if it’s someone you know, you can even give them a little kiss as you do it.